Thomas Watts Machines & Controls provide a design, development and manufacture service for analogue and digital electronic products and systems. These can range from microprocessor systems to simple analogue circuits.

We offer an extremely professional and flexible consultancy service that not only covers electronics and software development but can also address the engineering aspects of the product. This may include hydraulic systems, mechanical design or control interfacing.

Over the last year we have developed products for proportional control of hydraulic valves, PID controllers for accurate control of environmental chambers, ruggedised analogue circuits to control motors and hydraulic valves and precision linear displacement measurement and remote display systems.

Comparator Board
Design for CBD4
Proportional Card

Services Offered

- Product Design & Development
- Complete Product Manufacture
- Software Development
- PCB Assembly
- Testing
- Service & Repair

Design documentation, including operator's manuals, technical manuals and test procedures can be produced as required.

Together with our mechanical engineering expertise we are uniquely able to understand the 'real life' challenges that are likely to be encountered and can therefore provide the best solutions for your needs.

We have the facilities to provide low volume PCB assembly for hand built PCB's to the customers specification. This facility is intended to offer cost-effective assembly and testing for customers who have time or production limitations for this type of labour intensive work.